Mason’s President Connects with Thousands via Twitter

Posted: November 18, 2013 at 5:01 am, Last Updated: November 19, 2013 at 7:02 am

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By Preston Williams

Twitter logoLike most college presidents, George Mason University President Ángel Cabrera is an intellectual. Unlike most, however, he is a man of letters in another way – those issued in 140-character bursts on

Few college presidents connect with students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members as effectively or as entertainingly as Cabrera (@CabreraAngel), who tweets not only university news but also personal observations to his 10,000-plus devoted followers.

Known for clever hash tags that often punctuate his tweets, Cabrera might share a favorite quote, seek recommendations for a Fairfax establishment televising his beloved Real Madrid soccer team or even serve as a journalist of sorts as he did when he tweeted live updates from the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Others in higher education are noticing. In a recent article titled “10 college presidents on Twitter who are doing it right,” praised Cabrera for his outreach via the medium, now some 13,000 tweets strong, including some in Spanish.

A sampling from October:

Ángel Cabrera ‏@CabreraAngel31 Oct

I heard yesterday: “People go to the East Coast to join things, they go the West Coast to start things” #notatMason

Ángel Cabrera ‏@CabreraAngel26 Oct

“Failure isn’t fatal but failure to change can be” John Wooden

Ángel Cabrera ‏@CabreraAngel26 Oct

Big seats make big cheats, according to new research (I’ll keep mine comfy but modest in size) …

Ángel Cabrera ‏@CabreraAngel24 Oct

Best amenity of our Arlington campus: El Pollo Rico #yum 

Ángel Cabrera ‏@CabreraAngel23 Oct

And neck massages! RT @Whatdanielle It would be awesome if someone walked around the library at #GMU with water coffee and hot chocolate

Ángel Cabrera ‏@CabreraAngel20 Oct

Two things I will never be able to do in English: mental math and cheering at a soccer game. Vamos Mason!!

Ángel Cabrera ‏@CabreraAngel20 Oct

If we beat @vcu and since @vcu beat Nat’l champ Indiana last week, wouldn’t that make @masonmsoc temporary champs? #transitiveproperty

Ángel Cabrera ‏@CabreraAngel18 Oct

The Patriot Center is nuts tonight. Let’s keep it up for the whole season!

Ángel Cabrera ‏@CabreraAngel9 Oct

How come days are getting shorter while mine are getting longer?

Ángel Cabrera ‏@CabreraAngel7 Oct

Someone please remind me why I decided to ride my bike to work this morning! #honeyyouwereright

So when it comes to connecting with Mason Nation, Cabrera gives Twitter two (limber) thumbs up.

“Twitter and other social media are breaking down barriers of communication,” Cabrera says. “I’m gaining instantaneous insights from students, faculty, staff, alumni, area residents and news outlets around the globe. I can connect with thousands who love and care about this university as much as I do. The response has been amazing.”

Follow President Cabrera on Twitter at @CabreraAngel.

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