2015 New Student Convocation. Photo by Alexis Glenn,

Message of Opportunity Delivered with Excitement, Energy at New Student Convocation

Convocation began as a way to engage students, create tradition and help students see that they are part of a community.

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Minibot, a custom designed and 3-D printed robot, was created as a part of a Volgenau senior design project. Photo provided.

Meet Minibot: The Little Robot That Can

Minibot, a pint-size humanoid robot, weighs less than five pounds and can be controlled and manipulated with virtual reality gear by amateur users who have little or no training.

One of the final images taken before New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto on July 14, 2015. Photo courtesy of  NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/ Southwest Research Institute

Mason’s Pluto Expert to Give Behind the Scenes Insight at Monday’s Talk

George Mason planetary professor Michael Summers is one of about 20 members of the international New Horizons mission.

Dr. Eleonore Paquier (left) and student  Jana Haddad collecting data in the Chesapeake Bay. Photo provided.

Mason Team Looking at How Nature Helps Protect Against Hurricanes 

Marshes provide natural protection from the flooding that hurricanes bring. But which plants work best, how many, and how far they should stretch from the shore is a question for this Mason team.

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Flexible, Affordable Options for Parking and Transportation at Mason

Josh Cantor, director of Parking and Transportation Services, explains parking options and alternative transportation options for Mason Nation.

Mason’s Newest Residence Hall Makes Its Debut

Taylor Hall opens Aug. 29 with free food and music.

Helping New Patriots Start the Year Right with Welcome Week

Welcome Week, which runs from Aug. 29-Sept. 7, is a series of events and programs designed to educate, acclimate and integrate new and returning students into campus life for the new school year.

INTO Mason Connects Student to Admired Economics Professor

Hajjar, from Brasilia, Brazil, spent hours watching documentaries and reading economics-related articles while in high school, and became particularly interested in the perspectives of professor and economist Donald Boudreaux

School of Business Signs Agreement with Thai University

The agreement sets forth a framework for both institutions to collaborate on research initiatives in technology management, cyber security and digital government.

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Alan Cheuse, Late-Blooming Author and NPR Book Critic, Dies at 75

The New York Times

“Live as much as you can, read as much as you can, and write as much as you can,” Mr. Cheuse taught would-be authors. He practiced what he professed.

Visiting WGMU Radio at George Mason University

Radio Survivor

Jennifer Waits of Radio Survivor documents her visit to WGMU Radio.

To Red-Card Corruption, You Have to Know What a Foul Is

MIT Sloan Management Review

Gregory Unruh, Arison Group Endowed Professor at George Mason University, says that the FIFA corruption scandal is a teaching moment for managers who want to root out corruption.

Room for Debate: Is the Supreme Court too Powerful?

The New York Times

“In a world of enormously powerful government, we need an independent check on its power to control our lives. Despite its flaws, the court often serves that role well,” says Mason law professor Ilya Somin.

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Did you see the newest Mason logo going up? Alexis Glenn, Craig Bisacre and Evan Cantwell shot this time-lapse video of the installation.

George Mason's "Well-Being University" from Trent Watts on Vimeo.

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