May 2012 Accolades

Posted: April 30, 2012 at 9:31 pm, Last Updated: May 1, 2012 at 9:04 am

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Accolades is a monthly column that recognizes the latest achievements of Mason faculty and staff members.

Because of the summer break, the next Accolades column will be published on Monday, Aug. 13. The deadline for submissions is Monday, Aug. 6. Send news to


Andrea Baruzzi, University Libraries, Information Technology Unit (ITU), was named the May 2012 ITU Employee of the Month.

Mary Frances Forcier, Colonial Academic Alliance, presented a paper in April on “Higher Education Consortia as an Occasion for Organizational Learning” at the 2012 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting in Vancouver.

Joanna Lee, University Libraries, Information Technology Unit (ITU), was named the April 2012 ITU Employee of the Month.

Katherine A. Perry, Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), University Libraries, Information Technology Unit, presented a paper on “The International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) Balanced Scorecard Project: An Update” at the ICOLC annual North American meeting in Denver on April 25. She also presented a paper on “Why Library Consortia Matter; The VIVA Experience” at the Congress of Academic Library Directors of Maryland Annual Meeting in Columbia, Md., on April 27. Perry, Ann Okerson of the Center for Research Libraries and Terry Bucknell, University of Liverpool, U.K., conducted a two-day workshop on “Advanced Topics in Licensing and Consortia” at the Arabian Gulf Chapter of the Special Library Association meeting in Manama, Bahrain, in March.

College of Education and Human Development

Len Annetta was one of the Nifty 50 speakers at the second USA Science and Engineering Festival held April 28 and 29 in Washington, D.C. The Nifty 50 includes the top 50 scientists and educators in the United States who are doing cutting-edge work. Annetta was the keynote speaker on Feb. 27 in Fullerton, Calif., for the Boeing Corporation and California State University Informal Science Institutions Collaborative Symposium to Promote Science Education. The title of his address was “Constructionist Science Learning: Bridging Out-of-School Time With In-School Time Through Serious Educational Games.”

Fred Bemak was awarded the Association for the Specialist of Group Work Professional Advancement Award at the American Counseling Association conference in San Francisco on March 23.

Karen Berlin and Kris Ganley of the Virginia Department of Education Region 4 Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC) at Mason hosted three visitors from Bangladesh and one from Saudi Arabia Feb. 21–23 to review programs for students with autism spectrum disorders in Loudoun County Public Schools. TTAC and Loudoun County Public Schools are involved in a two-year professional development grant through the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders to implement quality programs and evidence-based practices for learners on the spectrum.

Erin Peters Burton and Jennifer Suh were recognized as “Teachers of Distinction” at the 2012 Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony held on April 9. Teachers of Distinction are teachers who have consistently demonstrated a dedicated commitment to providing students with meaningful learning experiences at Mason.

Rita Chi-Ying Chung was awarded the American Counseling Association (ACA) Kitty Cole Human Rights Award at the ACA Diamond Jubilee Gala Awards Dinner at the ACA conference in San Francisco on March 24. She was also awarded the Association for the Specialist of Group Work Professional Advancement Award at the same conference.

Nelson Cortes and colleagues published “Landing Technique Affects Knee Loading and Position During Athletic Tasks” in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. With colleagues, Cortes published “Two Different Fatigue Protocols and Lower Extremity Motion Patterns During a Stop-Jump Task” in the Journal of Athletic Training.

Diana D’Amico received the Politics of Education Association’s Outstanding Dissertation Award for her dissertation, “Claiming Profession: The Dynamic Struggle for Teacher Professionalism in the Twentieth Century.” She completed her PhD at New York University in 2010. She will be recognized at the American Educational Research Association’s 2012 Convention in Vancouver.

Matthew Ferry was awarded the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education 2011 Metzler-Freedman Exemplary Paper Award for his article, “The Cycle of Social and Emotional Pedagogy: Rhythm and Junctures.” The article was published in collaboration with Nate McCaughtry and Pamela Hodges Kulinna.

Wendy Frazier and Erin Peters Burton published “Voices From the Front Lines: Alignment of Reform Documents and Master Teacher Instruction” in School Science and Mathematics.

Rachael Goodman published an article with colleague Cirecie West-Olatunji from the University of Florida titled “Entering Communities: Social Justice-Oriented Disaster Response Counseling”  in the Journal of Humanistic Counseling Education and Development. She also published with Paul Gorski from New Century College an article titled “Is There a Hierarchy of Oppression in U.S. Multicultural Teacher Education Coursework?” in Action in Teacher Education. With colleague Michael Brubaker from the University of Cincinnati, Goodman wrote a chapter titled “Client Advocacy: In Action” in the book “Professional Counseling Excellence Through Leadership and Advocacy.”

Mary Stone Hanley had her play, “The Name Game,” selected for the DC Black Theater Festival. It will be produced on July 1 at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Estela Landeros-Dugourd, Training and Technical Assistance Center assistive technology coordinator, is working through Rotary International to develop a project in India that will include the construction of toilets in rural schools, as well as local training for teachers and students in how to improve personal hygiene and avoid infectious diseases caused by contaminated water. She attended a conference in Paris on March 13 and presented at a roundtable that included several representatives from UNESCO, a delegate from Water Without Borders, the director of the Institute of Geography at La Sorbonne and a member of the French Academy of Agriculture.

John Nauright was the featured speaker on Feb. 17 at an international seminar on the state and practice of sports history held at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The seminar was co-hosted by the University of Utrecht and the Mulier Institute.

Anastasia P. Samaras gave a keynote presentation on March 5 titled “Supporting Self-Study of University Teaching and Learning for Professional Growth” that was sponsored by the University Teaching and Learning Office of the University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

Bev Shaklee and Supriya Baily edited the book “Internationalizing Teacher Education in the United States,” which was published in March by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. Mason faculty contributed several chapters, including: “The Critical Role of Language in International Classrooms” by Becky Fox; “Redefining Vulnerability in American Schools: Reaching and Teaching Students After International Crises” by Baily; “STEM Disciplines and World Languages: Influences from an International Teacher Exchange” by Wendy Frazier, Fox and Margret Hjalmarson; “Pedagogical Diversity and the Need for Contextually Responsive Teacher Education in the United States” by Rachel Grant and doctoral student Maryam Salahshoor; and “Expanding Horizons Through Technology for Teachers and Students” by Debra Sprague. In addition, Shaklee contributed the final chapter titled “Concluding Thoughts: Developing Opportunities to Internationalize Teacher Education.”

Debra Sprague received an award on March 7 for her outstanding service as the editor of the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 2001–12, from the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education during its annual conference in Austin, Texas.

Donna R. Sterling was named a Distinguished Service Professor by the Office of the Provost in recognition of her record of scholarly and service contributions. The honor is among the highest academic ranks for Mason faculty. She is one of only four faculty members to receive the appointment in Mason’s history. Sterling was also awarded a Special Presidential Distinguished Service Award by the Virginia Association of Science Teachers “in recognition of her leadership and exemplary contributions as a science educator to quality science education in Virginia.” The award was presented in Roanoke in November 2011.

Shahron Williams van Rooij published “Training Older Workers: Lessons Learned, Unlearned and Relearned from the Field of Instructional Design” in Human Resource Management, as well as “Open Source Learning Management Systems: A Predictive Model for Higher Education” in the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.

College of Health and Human Services

Michele Davidson, School of Nursing, wrote “A Nurse’s Guide to Women’s Mental Health,” which was published by Springer in 2012.

Lynn Gerber, Rehabilitation Science and Center for Study of Chronic Illness and Disability, is featured in three articles in a supplement of the journal Cancer that focuses on an innovative model to address a range of issues faced by women with breast cancer.

Andrew Guccione, Rehabilitation Science, wrote “An Updated Overview of Clinical Guidelines for Chronic Low Back Pain Management in Primary Care,” which was recently published in the journal Joint Bone Spine.

Jack Hadley, Associate Dean for Finance and Planning, wrote with James Reschovsky “Medicare Spending, Mortality Rates and Quality of Care,” which was published in the International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics.

Lorens Helmchen, Health Administration and Policy, wrote with a colleague “Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in the Provision of Clinical Trial Ancillary Care,” which was published in Health Economics, Policy and Law. Helmchen also presented “A Cure for Defensive Medicine? The Effect of a ‘Disclosure-and-Offer’ Program on Inpatient Mortality, Length of Stay and Charges,” at the Third Annual Empirical Health Law Conference held at Cornell Law School on April 27, and at the Department of Healthcare Policy and Research at Virginia Commonwealth University on March 7. Helmchen also presented “Dating Market Incentives to Improve Physical Appearance” at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association in January.

Ann Maradiegue, School of Nursing, presented with colleagues “The Revolution in Personalized Medicine; Are Nurse Practitioners Ready?” at the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty in Charleston, S.C. She was also the invited speaker to assist faculty with the incorporation of genetics/genomics into their nursing programs in order to meet the undergraduate andgraduate nursing competencies at Northwestern State University College of Nursing and Allied Health in Shreveport, La., in March and April in collaboration with Kathy Calzone of the National Institutes of Health.

Mark Meiners, Health Administration and Policy, presented “The Role of LTC Insurance Partnerships in Meeting the Needs that CLASS Intended” and “Approaches to Address Middle Market Long Term Care Needs” at the Society of Actuaries 12th Annual Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference in Las Vegas on March 20. He also presented “Integrated Medical and Social Care: A Partnership Between an Area Agency on Aging and a Managed Health Care Plan” to the 2012 ASA Aging in America Conference held in Washington, D.C., on March 28.

John (Jay) Shiver, Health Administration and Policy, presented “How to Navigate Your Own Destiny” to the Healthcare Business Alliance at the Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner, on March 21. On March 23, he gave a presentation titled “Healthcare and the Bottom Line: A CFO’s Guide to Calculating Value” to the Chief Financial Officer Alliance at the Congressional Country Club in Potomac, Md. He received a Certificate of Excellence from the Academic Advising and Transfer Center on March 23.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Erik Angner, Philosophy, had his book “A Course in Behavioral Economics” published by Palgrave Macmillan on April 13.

Garett Jones, Economics, was a guest blogger for The Atlantic magazine this spring.

Art Taylor, English, recently won two writing awards. His story “A Drowning at Snow’s Cut,” originally published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, won the 2012 Derringer Award for Best Long Story from the Short Mystery Fiction Society, the second year in a row that one of his stories has won a Derringer. He was also awarded one of the 2012 Strauss Fellowships from the Arts Council of Fairfax County, which “support and encourage Fairfax County’s finest creative artists in all disciplines and recognize professional working artists’ achievements and their demonstrated history of accomplishments.”

College of Science

Patrick Gillevet, Environmental Science and Policy, will be recognized on May 31 by the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology with a “Tommy” award given to individuals and corporations that have strongly influenced the STEM education agenda in the nation and have provided the high school and its students with opportunities to flourish and achieve academic excellence. Gillevet provided guidance and support of TJ students as both a formal and informal mentor in the school’s mentorship program for more than15 years, and he served as a resource for the school’s lab directors.

Honors College

Anthony Dyer Hoefer, University Scholars Program, wrote an essay, “A Re-Vision of the Record: The Demands of Reading Josh Neufeld’s A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge,” which appeared in the book “Comics and the U.S. South,” published by the University Press of Mississippi.


Jana Kosecka, Computer Science, and Anthony Stefanidis, Geography and Geoinformation Science, as PI and co-PI respectively, received $900,000 from Object Video Inc. for their project “Geometric and Semantic Techniques for Geo-localization.” The initial budget period is March 8, 2012, through June 6, 2016.

Robinson Professors

Robert Hazen, Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, presented keynote lectures on “What Minerals Were Present at Life’s Origins?” at the Astrobiology Science Conference in Atlanta, and on “Mineral-Molecule Interactions” at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Diego.

Carma Hinton, Robinson Professor of Visual Culture and Chinese Studies, had a number of her films screened in Beijing as part of a documentary film series about the representation of China by Western filmmakers. The series was sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Beijing through its Italian Cultural Institute. The titles included “Small Happiness: Women of a Chinese Village”; “Abode of Illusion: The Life and Art of Chang Dai-ch’ien”; “Creative Exchanges: Sights and Sounds of the Silk Road”; and “Yin Yu Tang: A Chinese Home.” Her film, “The Gate of Heavenly Peace,” was screened at the University of Washington as part of a lecture and film series titled “Images in Crisis: The Politics of Visual Representation in the Twentieth Century and Beyond.”

John Paden, Robinson Professor of International Studies, published his newest book, “Postelection Conflict Management in Nigeria: The Challenges of National Unity.” He also presented a lecture to the U.S. Department of State’s Conflict and Stabilization Office on “Postelection Conflict Management in Nigeria,” testified to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom on “Religious Extremism in Nigeria” and presented a lecture to the World Bank’s Africa Region Office on “Religious Extremism in Nigeria.”

Steven Pearlstein, Robinson Professor of Public and International Affairs, presented the keynote address at the Seventh Annual Award for Journalism in Recognition of Architecture/Engineering Achievement at the Northern Virginia Post of the Society of American Military Engineers. He also moderated a discussion with international business and policy leaders regarding financial and economic trends around the globe at the Export-Import Bank of the United States 2012 Annual Conference and presented the Department of Public and International Affairs’ annual Gortner Lecture, “The Politics of Polarization: A Modern Tragedy of the Commons.”

James Trefil, Robinson Professor of Physics, presented the opening lectures on scientific methodology at the Judicial Symposium on Scientific Evidence in the Courts held by Mason’s Law and Economics Center. His topics were “The Scientific Method,” “Elements of Scientific Decision Making” and “The History of the Use of Expert Witnesses.”

School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Susan Allen-Nan convened a Georgian-South Ossetian meeting in Istanbul March 10-11 with core Georgian and South Ossetian partners to do planning for a broader Georgian-South Ossetian meeting in May. She also facilitated an Armenian-Azerbaijani workshop on track two diplomacy opportunities, conducted by videoconferencing between Yerevan and Baku. She also participated in a Wilton Park workshop on security in the South Caucasus and gave invited lectures in Baku to Baku State University international relations students and faculty, Freie Thought University and Azerbaijani Diplomatic Academy. She was also interviewed by the Azerbaijani Diplomatic Academy in an article titled “Public Diplomacy and the Resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict” and was named an editorial board member of the new journal called Peacebuilding.

Sandy Cheldelin was a panel presenter on “Women Waging War and Peace” at the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association annual meeting hosted by Mason on March 29. She also served as an external reviewer of the International Peace and Conflict Resolution MA Program at Arcadia University in Glenside, Penn., April 4−6.

Leslie Dwyer received a grant from the United States Institute of Peace for a project titled “Don’t Disturb the Peace: Ethnographic Film and Research in Postconflict Aceh, Indonesia.”

Karina Korostelina and Peter Stearns, provost, conducted a seminar on global education at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev for 40 leaders of Ukrainian universities. Korostelina helped to facilitate the discussion on the challenges and perspectives of the development of international programs in universities. Korostelina also chaired the session on the role of universities in nation building at the Fulbright conference in Kiev. She also presented her paper that emphasized the role universities can play in establishing national dialogue between different ethnic and social groups in the society.

Christopher Mitchell published a book titled “Local Peacebuilding and National Peace: Interaction Between Grassroots and Elite Process” with Landon Hancock. Wallace Warfield also contributed chapters.

Arthur Romano was invited to the White House through the Rotary Foundation to discuss key issues impacting communities in the United States related to the work he does with nonviolence training.

Richard Rubenstein, Susan Hirsch, Andrea Bartoli and Tetsushi Ogata wrote chapters for the book “Civilians and Modern War: Armed Conflict and the Ideology of Violence” titled “The Role of Civilians in American War Ideology,” “Civilians Under the Law: Inequality, Intersectionality and Irony” and “Preventing Genocide: The Quest for System Response.”

School of Management

Matthew Cronin and Richard Klimoski, Management, presented the paper titled “Guiding Change in the Field of Management Science” at the Academy of Management in San Antonio. Cronin also presented the paper titled “Group Dynamics” at the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research Conference in Minneapolis.

Sidhartha Das, Information Systems and Operations Management, and Maheshkumar Joshi, Management, published an article titled “Process Innovativeness and Firm Performance in Technology Services Firms: The Effect of External and Internal Contingencies” in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Cheryl Druehl and Michael Naor, Information Systems and Operations Management, presented the paper titled “Designing and Diffusing Environmentally-Friendly Innovations: An Exploratory Case Study” at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Charlotte, N.C. Druehl also presented papers titled “Design for the Environment ― Life Cycle Approach Using a Newsvendor Model” and “The 3C’s of Outsourcing Innovation: Cost, Capability and Control” at that same meeting.

Jim Harvey, Kevin McCrohan, Frank Allen Philpot and Jeffrey Kulick, Marketing, presented the paper titled “The Impact of Hybrid Distance Learning on Student Performance” at the Seventh International American Institute of Higher Education Conference in Williamsburg, Va. The paper was also published in the conference proceedings.

Jim Hsieh, Finance, presented the paper titled “Block Share Acquisitions and Bondholder Wealth Effects” at the Financial Management Association Annual Meeting in Denver.

Karen Kitching, Accounting, was awarded Best Manuscript for the Management Accounting Section at the AAA Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting in Philadelphia. Kitching also presented the paper titled “Do Charities Experience Sticky Costs?” at that same meeting.

Ling Lisic, Accounting, presented the paper titled “The Continuing Impact of CEO Power on Audit Committee Effectiveness in the Post-SOX Era” at the 2012 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., and at the 2012 American Accounting Association Auditing Section Mid-Year Conference in Savannah.

Anne Magro and Rick Warne, Accounting, presented the paper titled “Investor Propensity to Litigate under Precise and Imprecise Accounting Standards” at Northeastern University in Boston. Magro also presented the paper titled “Tax Decision Making” at the Doctoral Consortium for the American Taxation Association and American Accounting Association in New Orleans.

Nirup Menon, Information Systems and Operations Management, published an article titled “Organizational Impacts During and After Implementation of Enterprise Systems” in Information Technology and Management. Menon also presented the paper titled “EHR Usage Configurations in Hospitals: Impacts on Length-of-Stay and Costs” at the Workshop on Information Systems and Economics in Shanghai, China, and the paper titled “Health IT Use Configurations and Hospital Performance” at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Charlotte, N.C.

Michael Naor, Information Systems and Operations Management, published an article titled “Theory of Constraints: Is it a Theory and a Good One?” in the International Journal of Production Research.

Min-Seok Pang, Information Systems and Operations Management, presented the paper titled “Do Information Technology Investments Lead to Bigger or Smaller Governments?” at the Workshop on Information Systems and Economics in Shanghai, China.

Mikhail Pevzner, Accounting, published an article titled “Asset Liquidity and Stock Liquidity” in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Min Shen, Accounting, had the presentation titled “The Effects of Regulation FD on Informal and Institutionalized Leakages of Information in Earnings Press Releases” published in the proceedings from the 2011 Financial Accounting and Reporting Section (FARS) Mid-Year Meeting.

Suning Zhang and Long Chen, Accounting, presented the paper titled “Stock Repurchase and Debt Contracting” at the 2012 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. The paper was also published in the conference proceedings. Zhang also presented the paper titled “Equity-Based Compensation of Outside Directors and Corporate Information Quality” at that same meeting.

The Volgenau School of Engineering

Geetha Aluri and Rao Mulpuri, Electrical and Computer Engineering, with co-inventors Abhishek Motayed, Albert Davydov and Vladimir Oleshko from the University of Maryland and National Institute of Standards and Technology, received from UMD’s Office of Technology Commercialization the outstanding invention award in the area of physical sciences for 2011 for their invention “Nanoengineered chemical sensors that offer superior detection of environmental pollutants, hydrogen and other industrial chemicals.”

Lance Sherry, Center for Air Transportation Systems Research (CATSR) and Systems Engineering and Operations Research, received $94,000 of a total anticipated funding of $280,000 from Metron Aviation for his project “Integrated Technology Portfolio Assessment and Decision-Making Support Capability.” The budget period is April 18, 2012, through April 17, 2015. This award comes from CATSR.




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