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What Would You Do with a Drone?

Mason doctoral students Christopher Vo talks about the potential for personal drones.

Stepping up to the challenge of Alzheimer’s

Fairfax Times

Mason professor Andrew Carle has found a way to help people with Alzheimer’s disease who may be too disoriented to safely return to their homes after venturing out.

Mason’s first K-9 officer

Fairfax Times

Meet Mason’s first K-9 officer, Lucy, and her handler, Master Police Officer John Arnold.

Mason professor’s work may lead to early detection of cancer and other diseases

Northern Virginia Times

Alessandra Luchini’s work that could lead to early detection of Lyme disease, cancer and other diseases is featured.

A Provost’s Advice as He Retires: Never Lose Touch with Teaching

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Peter Stearns reflects on his 14 years as provost of George Mason University as he prepares to return to full-time teaching.

A Victory for Athletes as University Employees

The New York Times

Mason men’s basketball coach Paul Hewitt issues a word of caution about college athletes having the right to unionize, saying that an employer-employee sports structure at the university level could be detrimental to athletes’ education.

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