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An ‘extroverted campus’: George Mason University eager to connect with Northern Virginia

Virginia Business

George Mason University does not believe in the ivory tower. The old image of a lofty institution of higher learning isolated from the practical realities of life is contrary to its mission.

From Madrid to the melting pot, educator helps map others’ success

Washington Post

Thomas Heath writes about University President Ángel Cabrera in his Value Added column:

The thing I find inspiring about Cabrera is his commitment to helping others like him, who were born with raw talent but without the map forward that comes with the privileged background.

Alan Cheuse, Late-Blooming Author and NPR Book Critic, Dies at 75

The New York Times

“Live as much as you can, read as much as you can, and write as much as you can,” Mr. Cheuse taught would-be authors. He practiced what he professed.

Visiting WGMU Radio at George Mason University

Radio Survivor

Jennifer Waits of Radio Survivor documents her visit to WGMU Radio.

To Red-Card Corruption, You Have to Know What a Foul Is

MIT Sloan Management Review

Gregory Unruh, Arison Group Endowed Professor at George Mason University, says that the FIFA corruption scandal is a teaching moment for managers who want to root out corruption.

Room for Debate: Is the Supreme Court too Powerful?

The New York Times

“In a world of enormously powerful government, we need an independent check on its power to control our lives. Despite its flaws, the court often serves that role well,” says Mason law professor Ilya Somin.