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Mason ranked among top 10 cybersecurity programs


Respondents to a Computerworld survey have ranked George Mason’s cybersecurity courses and degree programs as the seventh-best in the country. About 2,000 certified IT security professionals nationally made their rankings based on academic rigor, faculty quality and other strengths.

Mason Adopts Gender-Neutral Student Housing


Mason students discuss Mason’s new gender-neutral housing policy.

George Mason U. to offer gender-neutral housing next fall

Washington Post

Mason joins the growing list of U.S. schools that formally offer this flexible housing option.

Small-business centers in Virginia and Mexico form trade partnership under Obama initiative

The Washington Post

In a signing ceremony Feb. 6 at the State Department, the Mason Enterprise Center entered into an agreement with a similar small-business center based at one of the largest universities in Mexico.

Mason students help with deer-spaying efforts in Fairfax City

Washington Post

Mason biology students, Zuzy Abdala and Grant Thompson, help out with the Fairfax City plan to sterilize does in an effort to control the deer population.

Language Wars Divide Global Companies


Catherine Cramton, an associate professor in the School of Management, conducted research about worldwide businesses adopting one language for operations, detailing the cultural fallout, inefficiency and “us versus them” mentality that can ensue.

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