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A Provost’s Advice as He Retires: Never Lose Touch with Teaching

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Peter Stearns reflects on his 14 years as provost of George Mason University as he prepares to return to full-time teaching.

A Victory for Athletes as University Employees

The New York Times

Mason men’s basketball coach Paul Hewitt issues a word of caution about college athletes having the right to unionize, saying that an employer-employee sports structure at the university level could be detrimental to athletes’ education.

We the People: Chawky Frenn Paints It As He Sees It


School of Art professor Chawky Frenn’s work is reviewed in connection with his new exhibit at Milton Academy’s Nesto Gallery in Milton, Mass.

Highway Robbery: Protecting Connected Cars from Hacks

PC Magazine

Mason computer science professor Damon McCoy says the risk of hacking among connected cars is low because of the lack of monetary motivation but that the need exists for an infrastructure to anticipate and prevent such security threats.

Offering Global Learning Experience

Korea Times

George Mason University’s opening of the Mason Korea campus is detailed, including a Q and A with President Cabrera.

Universities Try a Cultural Bridge to Lure Foreign Students

New York Times

George Mason University’s provost, Peter Stearns, discusses the university’s new partnership with INTO to recruit international students.

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