Mason Ranks High in Princeton Review’s Survey of Students

Posted: August 20, 2014 at 3:07 pm, Last Updated: August 21, 2014 at 8:43 am

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By Sudha Kamath

George Mason University’s commitment to diversity and well-being are being recognized in a national collegiate ranking publication.

George Mason holds the No. one spot in the 2015 Princeton Review student survey results when it comes to the question, “Do different types of students (black/white, rich/poor) interact frequently and easily at your school?”

 “The diversity of our student body is well known across the country, so I’m not surprised to see this reflected in the survey responses,” says Marquita Chamblee,director of Diversity, Inclusion, Multicultural Education in the Division of University Life. “It’s a major factor students cite as the reason they choose to attend Mason.”

Mason intentionally creates spaces where students can connect with each other, Chamblee says. “The goal is, in part, to deepen their understanding and appreciation that these differences are what makes this a vibrant community,” she says. “Our job is to help students interact with the diversity that is all around them.”

On the question of “How do you rate the recreational/athletic facilities at your school? Mason ranked No. 12 out of 379 colleges.

“The recreational facilities at Mason are an oasis in the middle of the Fairfax area. They are strategically located on campus adjacent to residence halls and major student traffic patterns,” says William Ehling, executive director of Mason Recreation.

He adds that the facilities’ design has been renovated in the past five years with unique service capabilities. Space is shared to serve academic units such as ROTC and recreation, health and tourism classes as well as support practice and competition indoors for Intercollegiate Athletics. The outdoor venues include walking and biking trails throughout the campus connecting with city, county and state trails.

Mason Recreation’s Aquatic and Fitness Center, Recreation and Athletic Complex, and Skyline Fitness logged more than 500,000 visits in the most recent statistics available.

The Princeton Review reports students submit surveys online from 379 institutions and can submit their surveys at any time. The site will accept only one survey from a student per academic year, per school. On-site surveys are conducted at least once every three years.

The survey has more than 80 questions in four main sections: “About Yourself,” “Your School’s Academics/Administration,” “Students” and “Life at Your School.” All 62 ranking list tallies are based on students’ answers to one or more of these questions with a five-point answer scale.

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