Happy Birthday, Mason Nation Project!

Posted: September 16, 2013 at 5:01 am, Last Updated: September 17, 2013 at 6:55 am

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By Tara Laskowski and Beth Pullias

This week we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Mason Nation Project, a Twitter experiment that each week allows a new Patriot — students, faculty, staff or alumni — to tweet from the university’s official account @GeorgeMasonU, telling us about classes and/or students, recommending places to eat or events to check out and sharing his or her unique viewpoints and ideas along the way.

The project has gained national attention, including being named Best Social Media Idea of the Month in August 2013 by Social Media for Colleges blog and made their top 50 Great Social Media Ideas for Higher Ed. We’ve also been highlighted in a CASE blog and Future Index back in July.

Over the last year, we’ve heard from freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students; faculty researchers; university staff; and alumni. Forty-eight different curators have taken the helm and tweeted on behalf of George Mason, celebrating the true diversity of the university and putting a spotlight on their unique corner of campus.

From ultimate Frisbee to Fall for the Book, economics to space, commuting woes to graduation pride, the Mason Nation Project has opened our eyes to all the amazing stories each of our community members has to share.

Thank you to all our curators for making this such a fun and successful experiment, and thank you to all our followers.

Following are some of our favorite tweets from the past year, and what we’ve learned from The Mason Nation Project.

Top Things We’ve Learned from The Mason Nation Project This Past Year

1. You can successfully cook Ramen noodles in a coffee pot. (Courtesy of freshman Sarah Gabrial Smith, week of (w/o) September 17, 2012)

2. What the ‘cloud’ you back your data up on actually looks like. (Courtesy of senior Kenneth Suarez, w/o August 12, 2013)

3. Sometimes all you need is a free popsicle to brighten your day. (Courtesy of Community and Local Government Relations Director Traci Claar, w/o August 19, 2013)

4. You can find all kinds of fun Mason memorabilia on eBay. (Courtesy of Economics Professor Tyler Cowen, w/o November 26, 2012)

5. The “study-abroad” semester at the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation is wicked cool. (Courtesy of student Jennifer Souther, w/o March 18, 2013)

jentweet2jentweet16. So many decorating options for residence hall rooms! (Courtesy of student Colleen Wilson, w/o October 29, 2012)

7. Studying abroad will change your life and your world perspective. (Courtesy of student Craig Bisacre, w/o July 29, 2013)


8. Some of our professors commute farther than you think—like by plane. (Courtesy of former English professor Mark Sample, w/o December 2, 2012)

9. School spirit is no joke on College Colors Day. (Courtesy of Dennis Hicks, associate director of programming for Office of Student Involvement, w/o August 30, 2013)

10. You never know what you’ll come across walking to class. (Courtesy of university photographer Alexis Glenn, w/o October 8, 2012)

alexistweetIf you think you would be a great voice for the project, fill out our nomination form.

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